Savarr "Sun Warrior"

Shoanti Bloodrager of the Sklar-Quah(Sun Clan), whose parents were driven from the Clan for worshipping Sarenrae instead of the sun totem. They eventually settled in Korvosa near the Sarenrae temple.


Savarr is a very tall (6’4"), muscular Shoanti warrior. He has a golden tan decorated with many tattoos. Like most Shoanti he is shaven bald. His head and arms have many tattoos mostly of various sun symbols with some flames depicted down both arms. There are two concentric circles at the top of his head giving the impression of a halo. When he rages all his tattoos glow as if lit by an internal sun with flickers of flames flowing along them. This glow extends to encompass his weapon as well.


Savarr "Sun Warrior"

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