A large Bullmastif in rusty old scale mail


Winston is a large-sized domesticated dog, with a solid build and a short muzzle. His coat is fawn and protected by a set of rusty, old scale mail barding. He wears a strange leather collar with the word ’Winston, on strange metal disk.


Winston was born in the early summer into healthy litter of Bullmastif puppies in the nicest district in Korvosa. His parents were both guard dogs on the noble estate keeping away poachers and other unwanted elements from their loving kind owners.

Winston was not as lucky. When the criminal Gaeren Lamm was visiting his families estate one late summer afternoon he took a liking to the BullMastif puppies, always on the lookout for another guard dog for his under the table organizations. Though they flatly refused him at first, Gaeren was a very willey man who with a single whisper in his owners ear, was able to walk off with the largest of the puppies, young Winston.

Life with Gaeren was hell for Winston, he was a naturally kind soul and wanted no part of Gaeren’s wicked schemes. This earned him plenty of kicks and curses and soon, Winston developed an unhealthy fear of all humanoinds. One night after living with Gaeren for more than half a year Winston could no longer take the abuse and something snapped. He escaped his cramped cage and rushed at Gaeren, biting hIs leg before being beaten to an inch of his life by Gaeren and his thugs. Winstons limp body was taken outside in the dead of winter and thrown into the Jeggare river.

Fortunately for Winston his execution that night was being witnessed by a strange green haired gnome living under west dock in the Midlands. The Gnome risked his own life to pull Winstons wet, broken body out of the freezing Jeggare river and took him to his own home. Winston rested and recovered from his nearly fatal injuries for almost two months as the gnome tended his wounds and nursed him back to health.

At fist Winston was fearful of the Gnome, always eyeing him with distust due to his life of abuse. But as the days turned to weeks, and months into a year, the two become fast friends. The Gnome taught Winston how to fight and instilled in him the desire to protect others. He also taught him to be less weary of humanoids and that there were a few good ones that would be kind to him if he was kind to them. On Winstons second birthday, the Gnome took him to an armory to get fitted for a set of ridding dog barding made of house drake scale mail. Then he fastened him a necklace of leather and strange metal and put it around his neck.

Winston was so happy as his cropped tail stump wagged back and forth. But when he looked around his friend was nowhere in sight. Using his nose he tried to track his friend all throughout the city. Looking for him in all the places they’d ever visited together. He traveled to districts of the city where children stared and giggled at him, to alleys where humans tried to stab him, rooftops where winged beasts threw stones at him till he chased them off, but in the end his friend was nowhere to be found.

So Winston traveled back to the last place he had seen his friend, the armors shop. He found a comfortable alleyway next to the shop and started sleeping there in a cardboard box. The armorer would often feed him scraps because he kept thieves and troublemakers away. Though he would growl and bite at anyone who tried to remove his armor. There he stayed living off scraps and rats until the day he found a strange smelling harrow card in his sleeping box that intrigued him. He decided to follow the scent.


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