Geras Illphnizz


Geras Illphnizz is a 5’ 6" tall half elf with strong varisian blood. The left side of his face is badly scarred and he wears a makeshift headband eyepatch. His hair is black and messy, and skin a light brown – typical of varisian humans. His eyes are green and his ears large- much like the secretive elves of the nearby forests.

The scar across the left side of his face is the result of what appears to be an acid-tipped blade. The blade dug in and left permanent, deep scars with an odd, blue discoloration in the deepest sections. Two smaller scars lay parallel across the bridge of his nose while another one goes down his lip. It looks as though the wounds were not accidental, careless slashing and instead precise cuts across his face.

Geras is slightly overweight. It’s clear that he has the body of an aged fighter: what was muscle has deteriorated into flab, and the fat has distributed itself into… unflattering places, giving him a “jolly” look.

Geras always wears loose-fitting clothing due to his large physique. He always wears multiple layers- usually an undershirt and pants along with a robe and cloak.

Finnian Illphnizz
Finnian looks nearly nothing like his father with the exception of his black, curly hair. His eyes glow white and his skin is icy pale- much like the elves of the high north. His face his heavily freckled and his physique is skinny. His features are far more elven than his father’s.

Finnian is shy and fidgety, partly due to his closeted upbringing.


Geras is a half elven widower ex-fighter working on his third career. Previously, he was a caravan guard, but when he received a near fatal blow during an ambush, he decided to go into early retirement. The protection and stability of his lone infant son was a high priority, so he decided to study a much “safer” form of defense- magic.

Shortly after the accident, Geras gathered his savings and began training at the Wizard Academy. He kept his son, Finnian, with him at all times throughout his private training- until he was offered a position as an in-residence student ambassador. Otherwise known as… master-of-work-nobody-else-wants-to-do. His over-protectiveness forced him to often lock Finnian in at home- fearful that others at the academy (particularly elves) would judge him for his appearance. As a result, Finnian rebelled constantly, confused and hurt by his father’s persistent-ness in keeping him locked away. The two argued over the subject repeatedly, and never came to a conclusion.
oldphoto.jpgFinally, the day came where Geras caved and allowed his son to fetch a few things from the market. He gave him a set of scrolls, a dagger, and reinforcement of how to use his innate magic abilities before setting him off… Hoping the resources would ensure his safety. Minutes turned into hours, hours into days… And Finnian had disappeared.

Geras’s suspicions were all over the place. Having spent the majority of his life in unstable standings with his peers- he was quick to accuse his friends, coworkers of kidnapping, as it was far easier to come to that conclusion than the painful reality that Finnian had run away.
Eventually, his investigation ceased when his leads led to the Little Lams. Gaedran and Geras had a long running deal to acquire reagents that he desperately needed to keep protective wards up on his home and self. Since that fateful night three years ago, Geras has been plotting to reverse double-cross Gaedran and get his son back home.

Geras Illphnizz

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